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Complete your ATP-CTP with IATS.

Now Accepting Bookings for ATP-CTP & Airbus A330 Training in Miami in addition to our other programs.


IATS is still the leader in the ATP-CTP program! We have assisted hundreds of happy pilots from all over the world to attain their FAA ATP. Complete the course in the world class facilities in Miami with our expert team of instructors.

Contact our admissions team at admissions@ride2live.net for more information.

Where passion meets proficiency

International Aviation Training Services was established in 2006 to perform training in compliance with 14 CFR Part 142. In 2016 the company was completely reorganized, and focused on being completely compliant with the CFR’s and Guidance. IATS employs a team of industry-leading staff, notably active and current Airline and Corporate pilots, who are all dedicated to the latest instructional-methodologies and techniques. The Flight Training Devices that IATS trains on, are maintained to a very high standard, and all minimum Level D approved. This allows precise and realistic training to be conducted without interruption, and preventing time lost due to mechanical breakdowns. The curriculums that are taught, are trained to a high standard, and focused on achieving a high level of competence and certification for all IATS Trainees.

We train the following aircraft types: A320, A330, B737-NG, B747-400, B757/767, and more to come.

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Type Ratings

At IATS, we are very aware of the need to balance quality training programs, set in a caring environment at a price point that is accessible to all serious Pilots. We have worked hard to get our training FAA approved for all experience levels, and provide the perfect amount of training to ensure success. We believe that we have successfully achieved this balance, and will work together with you to apply the right training program to suit your experience and training budget.


Require Qualification and Recurrent Training?

We offer Recurrent training for all experience levels and different recency. These courses are available for B737NG, B747-400, B757/767 and A320/330 aircraft. We are able to customize your recurrent training to match your needs, specifically if your training requires corporate or VVIP operation focus. Please complete our pilot details form below or contact us directly at (720) 767-0076.


Pilot Courses

IATS offers a variety of courses that ensure qualification and certification for aircraft such as the B737NG, B747-400, B757/767, A320, and A330. We encourage anyone with a passion for aviation to join us and our group of highly skilled instructors, who will guide you through the curriculum and lead you to success. We are working hard on adding additional type curriculums which will complement the needs of any pilot looking to enhance their chances of a high paying position..



Where passion meets proficiency.